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Download Vivaldi Browser Latest Version
Vivaldi Browser
To get the ease in browsing the internet, of course you need a browser app very nice and easy to use, to an internet browser alone, has been very widely circulated on the market of the virtual world, offered for free, at no cost for its users, such as application of Vivaldi Browser which we will discuss in this article.

Vivaldi Browser is a search website free created by Vivaldi Technologies, a company founded by a former and founder of Opera Software named Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and also Tatsuki Tomita. This application is intended to revive the popular features of Opera (12), introduce the innovative features of the latest and updated each week in the form of "Snapshots", and has gained notoriety since the version preview of the technical.

An internet search is in its first release in beta form on the 03 December 2015, and a stable version was launched on 06 April 2016. App Vivaldi Browser has the main display which is minimalistic with icons, font and basic color schemes that can change, depending on the background of the website you visit.

To edit the zoom, the app Vivaldi allow you to customize the display elements of the user interface, for example, background color, led to the establishment of the row address, the overall theme, and tab. Jon Von Tetzchner stated that customization and speed of this app is a very note to service users.


Tab Management - this Feature is not yet there ever was before, you get full control to set and display tab search in Vivaldi Browser.

Customization - this Feature allows you to create something unique for the search, only the Vivaldi that have this feature.

User Interface - Edit theme according to your taste to get a unique look, you can set the time for the change.

Navigation - Make calls faster by adding there favorite to the shortcut, the display of thumbnails you can customize and can appear on every page a new tab.

Mouse & Keyboard - Keyboard Shortcuts in the Browser Vivaldi, you can customize and use to control almost every aspect of your browser. Enable and set the keyboard shortcut, a button to access the shortcut quickly.

Privacy & Security - For the security of the Vivaldi offers private browsing, cookies, and temporary files will not be stored, to synchronize your data, this app uses encryption end-to-end between devices that are connected.

Tools - You can create or record any ideas or notes in the sidebar of the browser.

Extension - Vivaldi aims to provide built-in functions as much as I think, but you can also use extensions from the Chrome Web.
Download Vivaldi Browser Latest Version
Vivaldi Browser Installation
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Download Vivaldi Browser Latest Version

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