Download Safari Browser for PC

Download Safari Browser for PC | Download Safari Browser for PC | for those of you who want to use the Safari Browser on your computer or laptop, we provide a link download here. You can download for free and the link that we provide are not infected, please download and install on your device to feel the comfort and speed of the Web Browser application.
Download Safari Browser for PC
Safari Browser is software search the web developed by Apple Inc., which was first released in the form of a public beta on January 7, 2003, which is based on KHTML and is named Safari. At first, the application searches this download separately, and then on 24 October 2003 in combination with Mac OS X v10.3 as the default browser.

Download Safari Browser for pc | in 2007 the safari app 3 announced and destined for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista and in the state as the fastest web browser. A beta version for windows has a weakness until Apple released Safari 3.0.2 to address these weaknesses. In display issues and other security. Safari 3.0.2 to address some of the fonts are missing from the browser will but installed on a computer or laptop of Windows such as Tahoma, Trebuchet MS, and others.
Download Safari Browser for PC
Safari Browser Installation for PC
Safari Browser is an innovative search that its benefits far greater than mere browsing. New and advanced features the Safari Browser make it as a software web browsing is better. Its search engine is smart so that you will more quickly find the relevant web. In fact, we can post twits on twitter, post on Facebook, share via email or a chat message directly from the browser. With the Safari Browser, you can feel the comfort and ease in the hub of each web.

For the features of the Safari Browser is almost the same with the common features offered by the application of other browsers such as :

  • Browse through the tabs
  • Setting to book
  • Web search that can be resized on the toolbar well which uses Google on the Mac or Google or Yahoo on Windows
  • Barrier Pop-up ad
  • Search history
  • Search text
  • The spelling checker
  • The text box can be expanded
  • Automatic filling in of web forms
  • Comes with a DOM who acted as the inspector, which allows users and developers to explore the Document Object Model of a web page.
  • Supports CSS 3 web fonts
  • Supports CSS animations
  • Can use the protocol protect security screen
  • Bookmarks that have been integrated
  • ICC color display support profiles
  • Can open PDF format files
  • Integrated with the settings of the iPhoto photos
  • The merger of internet mail
  • The ability to save a web page
  • Search the web in private

For those of you who may have already installed a web browser application such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Uc Browser, Opera's Browser, or a search website, you can try Safari Browser and compare the difference in browsing the internet, for the link Download Safari browser for pc we have provided below. Thank you for visiting our website.

Download Safari Browser for PC

App: Safari Browser
OS: Windows PC
License: Freeware
Copyright: Apple Inc