Download Mozilla Firefox Free Best Browser for PC Download Mozilla Firefox Free Best Browser for PC. Who is not familiar with an internet browser this one that was first called Phoenix and was once named also with Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Firefox is free software, open-source, very widely used by the user of the internet users.

Download Mozilla Firefox Free Best Browser for PC
Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox now has really been changing the way people browse the web when it started to be famous in the market for the first time. Today Firefox remains a browser that is very powerful and customizable, although competition from Google Chrome has challenged him seriously.

Private Window
When you browse the web, Firefox will store a lot of information such as sites you visit, files you download, and others. However, there are times when you do not want other users on your computer know this information. Feature Firefox Private Browsing helps You browse the Internet without storing various information in the computer regarding the site and the pages You visit. However, Private Browsing does not make You anonymous on the Internet. Your ISP or the site itself can still track the pages You visit.

The Search Bar
This feature allows the user to specify the search engine in accordance with the needs. For example, when the Search Bar is set to Google, then when a user types the keyword on the search bar, will be displayed the search results on Google according to the keywords written

Mozilla allows the user to perform additional features according to the needs. The list of Add-ons was already provided by FireFox. Users can download it, and applying it to FireFox to add the advantages of the browser. With added Add-ons, users can make FireFox work in accordance with the wishes of the user.

Firefox Sync
To the Computer, you can set up Sync and all your data will be securely stored on Mozilla servers Firefox, all the data you Sync you can access through other devices that install the application Mozilla Firefox.

Home Page
With this feature, the user can set the desired web page to be your start page or homepage. Not only the user to set a group site to be your start page or homepage.

FireFox allows the user to save the web page that the user wants, by using the bookmark feature. With this feature, users do not need to remember or even record the web pages that are deemed important and will be reopened in time to come. FireFox will save the web page address that is needed so as to facilitate the user to open it back.

Web of Trust
Add-ons is useful to block access to websites deemed not to meet the levels criteria of trust, the reliability of the seller, piracy, safety of the children from the site of the damage, that each criterion has five levels of rating are marked by the color of red that could not be allowed to access and with the color of green is representative safe

Add-ons is useful to display the identity of nationality which website you visit. this is very helpful.

Bookmarks toolbar
This is the very thing the author prefer of Mozilla firefox compared to the other features, this feature can always know the latest things from a site without having to bother opening the site to know the latest of what is happening, with note site it should already support RSS reader that usually there is an RSS icon

On the web browser, Mozilla can be seen on the right side of the address of the site that you visit. just by clicking on the icon then appears the selection of service between Atom and RSS, select a course by clicking one of them, wait a few moments and a window appears with the caption “Subscribe with Live Bookmarks” click the “Subscribe” button, after that appear on the Bookmarks toolbar will be increased by one again bookmark “tekno-in”.

Download Mozilla Firefox Free Best Browser for PC
Mozilla Firefox
For you who want to ease in navigating the internet with the security of data and ease in managing the data, you must install Mozilla Firefox in your Computer or laptop, please Download Mozilla Firefox for pc latest version in the link we provide below. thank you for visiting our website

Download Mozilla Firefox Free Best Browser for PC

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Name Of Browser: Mozilla Firefox
System Requirements: Windows Desktop
Language: Multi-Language
License: Free, Open Source
Author: Mozilla Organization (