Download Google Chrome 64Bit For Windows

Download Google Chrome 64 Bit For Windows

Download Google Chrome 64Bit For Windows

Google Chrome For PC Desktop | Download Google Chrome 64 Bit for Windows | one of the applications browsing the internet, which is very suitable in use for the operating system windows 64bit. App Google Chrome 64Bit can only be installed on the device computer/laptop wear operating system 64Bit, Google Chrome 32Bit can be installed in the operating system windows 64bit. For you using the operating system windows 64bit, it is better to use Google Chrome 64Bit to maximize the work of your device, but for those of you who wear operating system windows 32bit, You can download Google Chrome 32Bit for free and safe from virus here.

Actually for browsing apps available are many and can be downloaded for free, such as Mozilla Firefox, Uc Browser, Opera, Safari, and many more. But most user's internet users of installing or using Google Chrome for the browser app on your computer or laptop, because this application is very easy to use and it looks simple. Chrome was first released as a beta version for the operating system Microsoft Windows in September 2008 and finally released to the public with the stable version in December 2008.

Download Google Chrome 64Bit for Windows is search free internet app developed by Google. App browser Chrome can open the display on the computer desktop/laptop with a very fast, Chrome loads web pages quickly by using the technology of WebKit as a source of rendering, make it into application search favorite.
Download Google Chrome 64Bit For Windows

Google Chrome For Desktop

There is one feature that is quite interesting, with a sign in to Google Chrome then all your browsing data and bookmarks will be stored in your ID, so when you are using a computer or another laptop you just need to sign in using the same ID. In addition, Google Chrome also has some interesting features such as:

When you type in the address bar, you will get suggestions for both search and web pages.

Page access your favorite very quickly directly from the new tab, Google Chrome does not have any icon page of the main.

Google Chrome 64Bit For Windows also has the addon very much, you can install it by opening the extensions, visit the Chrome web store to get a variety of add-on free.

If you do not want to all the web pages that you visit are stored in the search history, you can enable the feature Incognito mode.

Google Chrome 64 Bit For Windows is made so safe by default. With this feature, you do not have to be an expert user to access the web safely.

Technology Google Safe Browsing can protect you from phishing attacks, malware, and social engineering that may infect or stole your password in the device. If you visit a website that looks suspicious, Chrome will send a warning before you open the site.

Chrome has some number of layers of security so you are safe from the threat of new and emerging. Security is plated of Chrome makes the browser very reliable for individuals and companies.

For those of you who want to download and install the Google Chrome app on your computer or laptop, you can download in the link we have provided below. Safe from Virus.

Google Chrome 64 Bit Download For Windows 

Name Of Browser: Google Chrome
System Requirements: Windows
Language: Multi-Language
License: Free