Download CM Browser Apk Android Latest Version

Download CM Browser Apk Android Latest Version Download CM Browser Apk Android Latest Version | you can download CM Browser Apk in the link we have provided below the link we have provided below is very safe from virus attacks, CM Browser Apk is the application package browsing the internet, which you can install on your android device without having to connect to the play store, you just need to enable the unknown sources in the settings privacy in your android device, the installation does not require the internet network, the same with installing applications offline.

Download CM Browser Apk Android Latest Version
CM Browser for Android is a web search that is created by Cheetah mobile, the company derived origin from China, with the center of the company is located in Beijing city. The company is engaged in technology, especially running on mobile devices such as Android smartphones. Until the current Cheetah Mobile has successfully released several apps that are very popular and ranked top on the app store.

Company Cheetah Mobile was founded in 2010 as a form of unification of the top two companies Kingsoft engaged in security technology, including the internet, and Conew Image which is engaged in the graphics display on the website and other. Until recently the existence of Cheetah Mobile has been recognized regionally, in China, Cheetah Mobile has occupied the second position as a service provider in the security services of the internet including software development.

Download CM Browser Apk Android Latest Version | and plug in your android device, you will get a variety of features that can allow you to explore the internet, CM Browser is very light, very suitable for android devices which has low specifications, the speed, and stability of the application CM Browser is loading a web page is not in doubt, the security level is very high, The developer Cheetah Mobile, claiming that the browser is protected by the security software no. 1 for mobile.

Features of CM Browser Android

Download CM Browser Apk Android Latest Version
Features CM Browser Android
Download CM Browser Apk Android Latest Version

Features CM Browser Android

Security CM Browser
CM Browser can protect you from malicious websites by giving you a warning when you open the website a virus or scam site.

Export/Import Bookmarks
You can enable this feature to be able to access data that has been stored in Bookmarks, of course, you have to log in with the same account and have to activate the synchronization first, so all of the search data is stored online in your account.

Night Mode in the CM Browser
Night mode includes one of the most useful features that are owned by the application CM Browser. You can enable this mode to keep Your eyes in the evening, enabling this feature will reduce the light on the screen of the android device so it can protect Your eyes from the light from the screen of your android device excessive.

Protection Download in the CM Browse
Download protection, which scans each app or files you download, in order to prevent your Android device is infected with a virus.

Incognito in CM Browser
This is a feature that deletes all history of your browsing on the internet automatically, so every website that you visit will not be stored in the search history.

Desktop Mode on CM Browser
You can change the appearance of the web page in your mobile device into the desktop display, usually, this feature is useful when you open a web that does not support for mobile view.

Ad Blocker
This feature you can customize to block ads that can interfere with your browsing. You can make a choice Ad block yourself or marking items that are not filtered by pressing it and hold it. All ads marked saved and blocked automatically.

Translate in CM Browser
CM Browser provides translations in 40+ languages supported by Google, so explore the website foreign be easy and practical.

The features written above are some features of the application CM Browser android, download and install this app in your android device, to get all the features that are very helpful in exploring the virtual world.

Download CM Browser Apk Android Latest Version | this application is browser security reliable, for those of you who frequently browse and download files from the internet. You can download in the link we have provided below.

Download CM Browser Apk Android Latest Version

Name Of Browser: CM Browser
System Requirements: Android Mobile
License: Free
Author: Cheetah mobile